Review of Applebee's

581 2nd St, Manchester, NH 03102

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We went here knowing that Applebees in general offers a pretty good and tasty gluten free menu. I have Celiac disease and am highly sensitive to anything with gluten, no matter how tiny an amount. After my husband and I were seated, our waiter came over. He was one of those who would start talking to you from twenty feet away, so you're completely unaware he's even trying to get your order. Once we figured out he was talking to us, it was hard to keep his attention, but we still made sure to mention (numerous times) about my food issue and he acknowledged. I figured my food would be fine. I was wrong. Normally I can finish off my meal there, I don't do appetizers or desert and so I feel satisfied, but not full after. After just a few bites, my stomach doubled in size and I felt full...something that never happens unless it's bad food. I spent the rest of the day asking my poor husband to stop at a number of restrooms throughout our travels home...oh and having to literally run through the mini golf course in a hurry is not fun with an injured knee!! (Thank you folks for letting me cut off your games!) Though I don't like putting down a restaurant, I just don't want others to suffer. Applebees overall is really good, this one in Manchester has potential, but I think our waiters inattentiveness may have played a huge part. I am also emailing the manager there so as to avoid any issues for others who attend. I plan on sticking to the Applebees in Concord as I have had multiple successful plates there and the staff are amazing.

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Updated 7 years ago