Review of Applebee's

3129 Miller Rd, Flint, MI 48507

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Celiac friendly?



We ate lunch at the Applebee's in Flint, Michigan. There are six of us, but only four have celiac disease. The single allergy menu that was given to us was very hard to read. It listed every item on the regular menu, and if an allergen was present, it was marked with an X. It did not indicate that many items, such as the fries and the chips, are cooked in shared oil, and are not actually gluten free. The staff did not seem to understand why we were so concerned about contamination, and did not have the answers to our questions readily available. The service was slow, even though the restaurant was not crowded at all. The music was loud, and the TVs were everywhere and very distracting. Although the food was good, we are very nervous that we might get sick from this trip. Perhaps it is just this particular Applebee's that isn't optimal for people with celiac disease, but safe to say we will not be eating at any Applebee's again unless we receive word that they have improved a significant amount.

Updated 3 years ago