Review of Arby's

5235 Detroit Rd, Sheffield, OH 44054

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There’s a list online of all the Arby’s gluten free menu items. At first it looks long, but it’s condiments, dipping sauces, drinks, shakes, 2 salads and.... meats. The fryer is shared, so basically your options are a salad or meat. Staff were accommodating and served my gobbler “sandwich” (turkey, cheese, tomato and lettuce) in a bowl with a lid and the mayo and cranberry relish on the side. The sandwich looked huge on the menu board, and my SO and I shared, so the bread was wrapped separately and served on the side. It was thoughtfully prepared and tasty, but I was still hungry, because let’s face it - 2 oz turkey and a slice of bacon on a lettuce leaf isn’t DINNER- so I ended up with a Jamocha shake. Overall, Arby’s is doable, but not nearly the options that the posting presents.

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Updated 2 years ago