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102 Liberty St NE Suite 120, Salem, OR 97301

Overall Rating


No dedicated gluten-free frier. Went to order an item marked as gluten free (not gluten-free option, just gluten free) on the menu to be told by the cashier that this meal isn’t made in a dedicated frier (read: is not gluten free). Confirmed that there is no dedicated frier via email with restaurant. Their wait staff is apparently told to always give that cross contamination disclaimer, and the respondent seemed receptive to my suggestion that this disclaimer be added to the menu. Regardless, this all makes me hesitant to label this a celiac-friendly restaurant. Coffee is good though, and I’m glad they at least verbally give that disclaimer and are willing to answer questions like that.


Safety Feature Ratings
  • Staff is knowledgeable and can answer questions

Quality & Quantity

Is there a gluten-free menu?

— Gluten-free items are marked on the main menu

How much of the menu is available gluten-free?

— Some

How would you rate the taste and quality of the gluten-free food you tried?

— Average

Updated 1 year ago