Review of Arosso, A Touch of Sicily

530 Lincoln Hwy, Fairless Hills, PA 19030

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Incredible. Simply incredible. I knew this place in passing as The Adelphia when I was growing up, but passed it a million times as an adult before finding it here on this site. After one visit, I plan to be a regular.

Unlike many restaurants that simply offer a few gluten-free choices, this place is serious about being GF. Instead of having a few GF choices, pretty much anything they sell can be made GF, including all of their pizzas and pastas. I'm used to picking from a handful of GF options at most - I was actually overwhelmed for choice at this place. Awesome.

The owner's father (from Sicily) comes in every morning and makes fresh dough, both regular and GF. The GF meals are made fresh when you order - we requested bread for our table while we ordered and it took a few minutes, and came out piping hot (and was delicious). From what the GM tells me, their meats and fish are fresh, never frozen. That alone would be impressive here in Levittown, the GF menu just puts them over the top. The sauce on my pizza was definitely homemade. The GM even said (paraphrasing here) "we're fully aware of the issues Celiacs face, and we'll go out of our way to work with you. If you haven't had a meatball sandwich in years because of the breadcrumbs (which we use in ours), call the night before. We'll make a batch for tomorrow that are specifically GF just for you." Wow.

They have a dedicated GF area in the kitchen, separate cutting boards, the works. They fire the GF pizzas in a separate oven. They're 100% on board with GF people and cross-contamination should never be an issue here as far as I can tell. The servers are all super-friendly and knowledgeable and the general manager is awesome and fun to talk to.

I can't say enough about this place after only one visit. I'm already planning our next visit.

Oh, and get the signature Portabella appetizer. Seriously. A dish that delicious is probably illegal in some countries.

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Updated 7 years ago