Review of Art's Tavern

6487 Western Avenue, Glen Arbor, MI 49636

Overall Rating


The first time I went, when I asked if there was a reason the salads were not considered gluten friendly (not sure why that term?) the waitress told me that it may be that they are prepared any the same area as gluten foods. I ended up getting gluten friendly chilli, grilled chicken and a baked potato. (Same waitress informed me that the tater tots go in the fryer that everything goes in.) Chilli was good but kind of tasted like a spicy ketchup. Grilled chicken had no flavor. The second time I went we went there during breakfast hours and they were serving breakfast only. To my surprise nothing on the breakfast menu was "gluten friendly". When this waitress asked what I wanted to order I sadly said "no, there's nothing on the menu that I can eat". She was very kind and asked me if I had allergies and I told her yes, she replied by asking me if there was anything on the lunch menu that I could have. I asked her if I could do the gluten friendly chicken tenders. She let me know it would take awhile because she just turned on the oven for me. Then she made sure to keep letting me know how long it would be when she served everyone else at my table. The chicken tenders were very good. (Although they were very expensive. Remember it is cash or check only.) I did not get sick either time. Overall, I am happy I was able to go out to eat with my inlaws.

Updated 3 years ago