Review of BakerStreet

4820 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

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They have worked really hard to create a gluten free menu, but somehow have failed repeatedly at getting it right. I will be honest, I haven't even looked at their GF menu online in a year and a half because they never corrected the issues that were found. They were initially very responsive to my emails and collaborated well with me, but with no follow-through. They use quality GF products that their receive from their food supplier (French Meadow Bakery). I received a gift card for my birthday one year, but then heard about people having bad experiences there, so I waited while they could hopefully work out their issues. When I finally went a year later, I made a point of going at a non-peak time. The waiter was extremely attentive and sought the answers to all of my questions. He repeatedly reassured me that my food was GF when I was in doubt because it tasted so good. Wouldn't you know it- I had my first reaction in four years from that meal. I spent the rest of my vacation week ill. I still have that gift card with some cash left on it... any takers? I was told their gift cards never expire.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 6 years ago