Review of Bamboo Garden

5821 Maplecrest Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46835

Overall Rating


I’ve ordered gf shrimp pad Thai probably 20x since being diagnosed and never, ever had a problem. I have Nima tested it probably 12x, and it’s always gf. When a place has that consistent of a reliable reading, I trust what they’re doing. They say there are other gf options there, but I’m a little nervous to branch out. It feels like it should be a cc nightmare. But still, every single test has come back gf and I’ve never, ever been glutened afterward. This is our go to for takeout since we can rarely go out to eat and most things aren’t celiac safe. It’s perfect for a night where we’re tired and really don’t want to cook. My biggest problem is we always seem to want to order on a Monday, and they are closed on Mondays. 😂😂 But it’s a great option! We like to get it medium spicy.. yum!

Updated 2 years ago