Review of Bambu Asian Restaurant

1715 Beam Ave, Maplewood, MN 55109

Overall Rating


I really wanted to love this place, especially because they have GF Vietnamese style egg rolls (which I DO love,) but overall I'm not that impressed.

The most frustrating part is the price gouging for some GF items. I was thinking of going just for the egg rolls tonight, when I saw on their online menu that they are charging 3 TIMES as much for the GF egg rolls as for the regular. ($5.99 for GF, $1.99 for regular.) The spring rolls are $5.99 for GF, $3.25 for regular. And spring rolls should be GF in the first place!

Ditto the Pad Thai - authentic Pad Thai is inherently GF, but their regular Pad Thai isn't. Last time I went I paid $7.99 for a half portion of Pad Thai while my m-i-l paid $8.99 for her full portion of the regular. All this leaves me feeling very much taken advantage of, and I can't help resenting it.

The quality of the food itself is bafflingly inconsistent. I do love the egg rolls. Really love them. And my m-i-l loves the regular Pad Thai. My own Pad Thai was face-sweating spicy, but otherwise average.

On another occasion I ordered the Vietnamese Noodle Salad with chicken, a long-time favorite of mine. The flavor was good, but it was clearly not freshly prepared. The noodles were molded in to the shape of the bowl they'd apparently been refrigerated in and were completely stuck together. The chicken they added was also flavorful, but extremely tough and leathery, either from being overcooked in the first place or simply from being kept warm for too long.

The reviews I've read also point to wild inconsistency in food quality, the reviews ranging from gushing enthusiasm to thorough disgust.

Personally, I'd be willing to put up with the unpredictability just to get the egg rolls, and I never mind paying a bit extra for gluten free. But being charged triple the price of the regular egg rolls? That's over the top, and I'm just not willing to be taken advantage of that way.

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