Review of BareBurger

445 Main St, Mt Kisco, NY 10549

Overall Rating


Bareburger is awesome! They are very aware of gluten issues and have gluten-free burger buns and, most important of all, their fries are in a dedicated fryer and therefore truly gluten-free! My son loves his burger and fries there. I love that they offer a collared wrap alternative to a bun and like their Brussels sprouts. And all of their gluten-free salads. I don't eat dairy either, and can get so many things here, it's truly a fun relaxed eating experience. Their menu is completely marked for gluten, dairy and other allergens, and they will show you a listing of all the ingredients in all their foods and sauces if you ask. One of our favorite places!

Celiac friendly?


Updated 3 years ago

Not celiac