Review of Benjyehuda

1022 N Meacham Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173

Overall Rating


I'm in love with this place! Dedicated gluten free fries make thick cut slightly seasoned and forever crisp french fries. Literally hours later, still crisp! you can eat everything here except the pita bread. been here 7 times in 3 weeks and never got sick. the owner is an awesome woman too and she makes an attempt to know her customers and train every employee to say hello as you go through the line and use your name. This place is so clean too (trust me I'm a nurse). The food is so legit, coming from. Jewish/Israeli family I know good food. This is it. I can't say enough about a chicken and rich box. Meat here is so savory. They are dairy free except for real locally sourced chedar cheese you can dip fries in too. Seriously a great place for vegans or vegetarians who love falafel too. their fryer never has meat products in it so you're safe. Literally this place is so healthy. It's packed with flavor and low in sodium. I usually salt everything, but have not had any desire to do that here. OMG why are you still reading this? Go eat there already!!!

Celiac friendly?


Updated 3 years ago