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2917 Eastland Center Drive, West Covina, CA 91791

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Wanted to celebrate my Mother-In-Law's birthday with our family. I have Celiac's disease (severe Gluten Allergy), so finding a place that everyone will enjoy AND be safe for me to eat is always a problem.

Places that offer both standard meals and gluten sensitive options (they can't say "gluten free" because of possible cross-contamination) are always a crap shoot. My ability to eat out safely is truly in the hands of those that prepare and handle my meal.

Everyone knows that BJ's food and brews are the PIZOOKIES!! but what always sets one location from another is their customer service and this BJ's is the absolute best!!!

Ryan T and his manager (I'm sorry I don't remember his name) truly went above and beyond! From the moment I told Ryan that I had a gluten allergy he was so careful. They made every accommodation they could and when I had a question about something (like sauces) Ryan was quick to find out the answer. When he didn't know the answer, he checked with the manager.

There was even a moment where the manager took the time to visit our table just to make certain my meal was safe to eat. Really above and beyond!

I always feel like a burden to the server/restaurant when going out to eat. Not many places/people understand that "gluten free" isn't always a choice... it's a necessity. PLUS, it's the entire restaurant that is involved! Everyone that handles the food, plate, glasses, silverware is involved to help make sure cross-contamination doesn't ruin the gluten free experience. Even a spatula or a glove that has handled bread/gluten can ruin my time out with my family for the ENTIRE DAY.

Ryan, his manager, and the entire food prep team gave us the best customer service and for that they deserve a standing ovation! Truly, I thank you all for helping my family celebrate my MIL birthday and I look forward to visiting again :)

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Updated 8 months ago