Black Molly Grill

Review by Abby B

504 W Geoffrey St, St. Augustine, FL 32086
6 months ago
Not celiac friendly

THE INFO ON THIS PAGE IS FALSE! No dedicated kitchen area, no dedicated fryer, and nothing on the menu is safe. I trusted the reviews on this app and got really excited for real food instead of a salad or plain, grilled whatever, which is most places’ solution to a celiac. THE ONLY CELIAC OPTION IS PLAIN, PAN-SEARED CHICKEN, FISH, OR STEAK. Skip the high cost and pansear it yourself at home. I rarely ever leave reviews like this, but the staff won’t work with you to make anything safe - they just tell you it’s all unsafe and that you can’t eat it. If everything else weren’t already closed for the night, we wouldn’t have stuck around for plain, pan-seared food at such a high price