Blaze Pizza

Review by Bekki

511 S State St, Chicago, IL 60605
2 months ago

While they do make an effort, the staff clearly needs to be better trained in cross contamination and what gluten FREE truly means. The staff knew to change their gloves but did so after touching and writing on the paper for the pizza with prior used gloves for gluten crust. I asked them to change gloves and redo. The manager stepped in and seemed to know what to do, with no rolling of the eyes or complaint. He was good about keeping things separate, changing gloves, and washing hands. At the end of the line they have a dedicated cutter and tongs for gluten free. The two places they missed: 1. They cut the pizza next to a gluten pizza and it pushed into the edge of the gluten pizza; 2. They used the same spoon to spread the red sauce on the crust as they do for all the pizzas. If you eat here, I suggest you ask for the manager to make your pizza and request fresh sauce from the cups under the counter in their fridge. The manager seems to know what he is doing but the rest of the staff doesn't, which means this is likely not safe if you have celiac.