Review of Blaze Pizza

310 Daniel Webster Hwy Suite 210A, Nashua, NH 03060

Overall Rating


Blaze let’s you design your own pizza, much like the way Chipotle works. Upon telling the hostess I had celiac, instead of the usual blank stare, she immediately launched into my options. They have three GF crusts: cauliflower, keto and house-made. The first two are made elsewhere and the house-made is made there, of course. Since every pizza joint has flour in the air (which is why I didn’t mark them as celiac-friendly), I would think the cauliflower or keto crusts have less chance of x-contact since they are in a wrapper until prepared. They gave me the option of using fresh ingredients from the back room, which I took. They put the pizza on a round black rubber-like object so it won’t touch the oven or the utensils they use to move them around. They have a separate pizza cutter with a red handle that is only used for GF pizzas. The only time I saw an action that may have introduced contamination was that the person grabbing the black rubber matt did not change their gloves first. I will request that next time. The pizza was great! The service was great! I will definitely be back!

Updated 1 month ago