Blaze Pizza

Review by Mark S

215 North Cattlemen Road, Sarasota, FL 34243
1 month ago
Not celiac friendly

My pizza was mishandled/contaminated ,gloves were not changed and then said he did everything right. I have Celiacs and had eaten there before but thankfully watched before getting sick so I must say NOT CELIAC FRIENDLY. Gave it a second chance 04/18. Employee looked upset at dealing with CD. He seemed to go out of way to contaminate it. He was Happy when I canceled order. He had a horrible attitude. Might be good pizza but they don’t try to accommodate CD. They seemed to start trying but today they reaffirmed they are NOT GLUTEN FREE!!07/13/2019. Personally watched them cross contaminate. It’s their place. If that was the manager, he sure just doesn’t care