Blaze Pizza

Review by JenniferH

7166 North High Street, Worthington
2 months ago
Not celiac friendly

HORRIBLE experience. I've had good service at other Blaze locations, but this one is absolutely pathetic. The kid cleaning the dough press actually left flour on the surface and went to put the GF dough on it before I stopped him because I could see the flour all over it! They also put the GF silicone mats in the bin of the flour they use to dust the regular crusts! Then, the person operating the oven used the same long tool to move all of the pizzas around and used the blade of it to repeatedly touch the tops of each one. He did not do a glove change and kept touching each pizza and each paper (that the pizzas are places on) with the same gloves. I saw that he got crumbs and cheese on my order paper before my pizza was ready and he seemed confused when I pointed out that it was unacceptable. STAY AWAY.