Review of Blaze Pizza

111 Meadow Farm Road Suite 100, Lafayette, LA 70508

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One of the more Celiac friendly restaurants. I’ve gone three times in the past month. When you order the gluten free crust, they will ask you if it is a preference or an allergy. I let them know that it is severe (Celiac). The first time, they wrote a note on my paper to “change gloves” and they did. Second time, she didn’t change gloves so I had to ask. Third time I went, he changed gloves told me he would wipe things down before preparing my dough. He actually thoroughly cleaned the dough press. All depends on who you get, but the pro is that you watch your food get prepared during the whole process and you can watch for contamination issues. Gluten free crusts are kept on a round mat the whole time so that when it is placed in the oven, it doesn’t get cross-contaminated there. They use a different pizza cutter for gluten free crusts also. Lots of precautions. However there is still a chance for cross-contamination issues. Examples would be scoops spreading sauce from one crust to the next, or workers touching ingredients that someone else has touched with contaminated gloves. Also, I’ve learned that some shredded cheeses are covered in cellulose to prevent them from caking and sometimes the cellulose is made of wheat (not always, it can be made of lots of things). I opt for the Veg Out pizza because it comes with sauce “dallops” where they drop the sauce on and don’t actually touch the crust to spread the sauce around. I’ve never gotten sick at Blaze so far. However, Blaze does have a statement online that they would not consider themselves to be Celiac friendly due to the risk of cross-contamination.

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Updated 7 months ago