Review of Blazin' Mongolian BBQ

9620 N Metro Pkwy W, Phoenix, AZ 85051

Overall Rating

Celiac friendly?



The food was very good and an excellent deal. They do give you a different colored tray if you are GF and you can see that they clean the surface before preparing it. Most sauces are GF and the girl at the counter did not hesitate in describing which ones were safe and which were not. Hubby (celiac) did get sick though. He realized afterward that he didn't notice if they changed/cleaned the sticks they use to stir the food, but it could either have been that or other customers getting sloppy at the sauce portion of the ingredient station. It would not be difficult for someone to splash one type of sauce into the other container. Probably worth it if you're careful or not super sensitive, but carries some risk if you're Celiac.

Updated 9 months ago