Review by Amy

98 W Main St, West Dundee, IL 60118
1 year ago

One of the most disappointing meals we have had in a long time. We enjoyed the atmosphere immediately, the restaurant looked very clean and orderly. The menu looked amazing, offering GF items as well as vegan and vegetarian. Unfortunately, the meals we ordered were not even subpar. My husband (who is not celiac) ordered a burger which came unseasoned and charred...he couldn’t even finish his meal. I ordered a GF veggie pasta dish...I received undercooked GF corn pasta with frozen peas, a slice of tomato (yes one) and no sauce. The pasta wasn’t even salted. They charged us $16 for that “farm fresh pasta dish”. I observed one of the head chefs to be in the front of the house speaking to tables of friends for the majority of our visit...she may do better in the back tasing the horrible food that is being served. We won’t be back.