Review of Boston Pizza

506 Carmichael Ln Unit 100, Hinton, AB T7V 1S8, Canada

Overall Rating


Several GF options on menu and large portions. Unfortunately the young waitress was in ‘automatic mode’, so when I said “I’m going to need this gluten free as I’m coeliac” she replied “that’s awesome”. “Err no it’s not!” I said.

PS you have to pay EXTRA for the gf pasta and yet DO NOT get (obviously) the garlic bread. So, you pay more, but get less which seems a little unfair. I asked for a side salad instead, and was told that wasn’t possible as “garlic bread is cheaper than a salad”. Hmm ok.

I note that in the UK I have never had to pay more for gf pasta or pizza base but in Canada this seems the norm. You don’t pay different amounts for a small or large item of clothing as the extra cost is absorbed, shared between all purchases, so charging for gf pasta seems unfair opportunism IMHO!

Updated 1 year ago