Review of BRAVO! Cucina Italiana

4976 McKnight Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

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When we were seated, my mom asked to speak with the head chef. She explained to him that my celiac son was nervous about eating outside of the house recently and asked if he could assure us that the gluten free food was safe for celiac diners. The chef responded with one word: "yes". I would have felt better if he went on to explain the precautions taken in the kitchen, but I figured 'yes' was better than 'no'. The restaurant was fairly empty, so I was comfortable that they would be able to prevent cross contamination.

My son ordered the GF pasta woozie without chicken. When we ordered, the server asked if he had an allergy or if this was a food preference. I took that as a good sign. As my son was eating his meal, he noticed part of a ravioli in his dish. We notified the staff who apologized. The manager (?) personally watched the chef remake the dish and she assured us that it was safe to eat this time. My mom dined there again within the same week. She mentioned the incident to a manager and was told that she did not hear of the gluten incident and she should have been informed. This restaurant handled the situation professionally, and didn't charge us for the dish, but this should not have happened.

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Updated 3 years ago