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2418, Ponce De Leon Boulevard, Coral Gables, FL 33134

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Celiac friendly?



I am disappointed in how Bricktops Coral Gables handles gluten free for celiac diners! Last night my celiac daughter was served the rib eye with the fried onions on the side. When I asked the server if the onions had gluten (I was most certain they did) he didn't know. He went back and asked the kitchen and came back and said that they did. I asked him nicely if he would bring her a new meal. He came back with the same plate with the onions removed!!!! I said thus Rik make her sick and asked for a new meal. It would have been nice for them to bring her side of mashed potatoes or something to eat for the 15 minutes we waited. I was still nervous and not 100% trusting and worried for the 3 hours or so after dining. I'm sad this happened because the menu and food is good for non celiacs only!! They should train the staff and be more careful!!!

Updated 3 years ago