Review of Cafe Chocolade

7061 Steubenville Pike, Oakdale, PA 15071

Overall Rating


I am revising my rating. While the food is excellent the owner/cook is awful. I only rated the food in my first review. Thought he was having a bad day and let his rude behavior go the first time. Visited a second time and he was just as rude. Welcomed me when I arrived but when I asked questions about the food he literally rolled his eyes and was condescending in response. I tried to engage in convo and asked about his reason for be so progressive and offering such a wide selection of gluten free and he said "it is what sells. You know I'm in business and that is what you do, sell what sells" this was w a "duh" attitude. Well I am a business owner and had just come from a network meeting and in my opinion treating customers w basic respect is required to sell anything. I will not be back ever.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 3 years ago

Not celiac