Review of Cafe Chocolade

7061 Steubenville Pike, Oakdale, PA 15071

Overall Rating


This is THE BEST gluten free bakery and cafe in Pittsburgh metro area. The quality is easily better than many of the most top quality gluten free products I've enjoyed at restaurants, cafes and bakeries across the country. Many of the items are so delicious that I often have to double and triple check whether or not they are in fact gluten free. The constantly changing weekly menus for cafe lunch items are posted at the beginning of the week and many times I find myself planning my weekly travels around what's being served on any given day. Top recommendations would have to be the GF Pirogies, Veggies And Pasta, chocolate cake with raspberry layers, mocha brownies, large soft pretzels, cheese bread, chocolate and farmer's cheese mousse and even the dog biscuits have seemed to be a hit. If you're passing through or live in the area and you are gluten free, or not, cafe chocolate is a must.

Updated 4 years ago

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