Review of Cafe Formaggio

307 Old Country Rd, Carle Place, NY 11514

Overall Rating

Celiac friendly?



I used to love this restaurant and have gone there for many years because I used to think it was the safest restaurant for celiacs but then I got sick after eating there and when I tested the leftovers they tested positive for gluten. Over the past few months I went back several times because I wanted to give them another chance but I'm sorry to report that out of my last 3 visits, all 3 entrees tested positive for gluten. And that was after confirming with staff that everything on the plate was supposed to be gluten free. And I tested more than once to confirm the results. I really hope the restaurant will work to fix this with a major kitchen overhaul if cross contamination is an issue. I believe they care about preparing safe food for celiacs but based on my last 3 visits I cannot recommend them for celiacs. It may be safe for people who are not very sensitive to gluten or people who can eat small amounts without getting sick. The appetizers I tested came back negative, so for me the issue was the entrees. In general the food is delicious and recommended if you don’t have gluten issues and the staff is very nice.

Updated 2 years ago