Review of Carrabba's

1900 SW Fountainview Blvd., Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

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Celiac friendly?



I had a very unpleasant visit last night. I ordered my gluten free pasta dish and then while my family was enjoying their appetizers the waiter came over and told me that they were out of gluten free pasta and I needed to choose something else and handed me a menu. I handed it back to him and said I dont want anything else and the only reason we came here was because they had GF options for me. My mom immediately wanted to leave as it was her birthday dinner and if I couldnt eat it was ruined for her. I insisted they stay. The manager then comes over and says who wanted GF? My mom goes my daughter NEEDS GF she has celiac. The manager then tells us they do have a "little bit" of gf pasta in the back but not for everyone. So they were going to make me change my dish even though they had pasta. I said I shouldn't have to disclose my illness when you offer it on your menu. They then comped dessert (which isnt gluten free) which I think they should have comped my meal. I doubt I'll ever return to this location.

Updated 4 months ago