Review by Mary Schaut

210 West Day Road, Mishawaka, IN 46545
Not celiac
7 months ago

We went to lunch today after I checked the menu on their website and it looked very gluten free with lots of options. It looked online that there was a separate menu with gluten free options. As soon as the waitress came over I knew I was in trouble. The pasta section of the menu was very confusing and made it appear that any of the items were available with gluten free pasta. The waitress had no clue and when I started to ask questions things got very uncomfortable. I thought she would go to the kitchen to ask about the questions I had but just guessed and when I told her I could get very sick if I got something with gluten in it, I just got a blank stare. One of the items she suggested to me was pasta with meatballs and when I was concerned that they had breadcrumbs in them she acknowledged that they probably did. Again, no offer to double check. We should have gotten up and left at that point. I ended up getting the Pasta Bolognese. My biggest concern was my salad dressing. At that point I was so frustrated with her that I didn't think to ask and I ate it anyway. Here's to hoping it was gluten free. I guess my biggest problem is that if you promote gluten free meals, educate your staff so they know what they're talking about. We'll never go back.