The Cheesecake Factory

Review by Elea

3349 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford, NY 14618
3 months ago
Not celiac friendly

At our last visit, our waitress informed us that the "dedicated gluten free fryer" is NOT always kept gluten free, particularly if the restaurant is busy (when is The Cheesecake Factory not busy?!). She explained that the kitchen will often fry gluten-contaminated items in there if they are in a rush, and that there is no way to know if someone did this earlier in the day. She also explained that the kitchen staff frequently handle gluten-containing food over the gluten-free fryer, so there is a chance that gluten could fall in. The most alarming out of all of this is I have eaten here before and have NEVER been told this information. In fact, I've been told the opposite ("completely gluten free,"). My silverware and plate were dirty (possible contamination) and when I was brought new silverware, it was ALSO DIRTY. So sad about this experience!