The Cheesecake Factory

Review by Blair

71 Isham Road #20, West Hartford, CT 06107
2 months ago

I have never been sick here but do be extremely careful because there seems to be so many ways to get CCed here. A huge issue for me is that managers don’t bring out the GF plates so it’s up to the individual server and their knowledge, even if you carefully alert them. There are other small issues that make me feel unsafe. Like when I ask if the GF cheesecake can be sliced separately and get an attitude. The attitude that I’ve gotten from a few servers is what makes me nervous (some have been very helpful though). Even though I haven’t been sick it is never my first, second choice or even third choice to go here. Oh one more thing! And I know you all know this but never assume something is GF. For example, they cook their edamame in the pasta water!