The Cheesecake Factory

Review by TCR2016

101 Jordan Creek Pkwy, Des Moines, IA 50266
5 months ago
Celiac friendly

Went there last night after seeing a movie. Initially I was turned off by the lack of desirable GF options. Had to repeatedly change order plans due to dishes that were surprisingly using gluten, or risk of allergic exposure to other to other ingredients. Says fries can be GF, but cooked in same fryer for cross contamination. Refused to allow me to open my own Angry Orchard bottle ordered to avoid cross contamination from beer covered hands in bar. I was about ready to leave in frustration. But the waitress was patient and accommodating so went back several times to get answers from kitchen before she sat down with me to discuss options. Had a burger earlier in the week, so it didn't sound good, but ended up getting one with mashed potatoes. The burger was great and the bun was excellent! Once I was almost done, I asked the waitress what brand it was. When she said Udi's, I said then we have a problem because you gave me the wrong bun. I explained that Udi's are small, flat, undesirable to look at, don't have a very good texture, and that it's sad they are so commonly used. So what I ate was clearly not Udi's. Waitress brought out a manager named Alicia, whose daughter is Celiac, and she explained multiple steps to avoid gluten, and an area to prepare most GF items. She went back and brought me out a prepackaged GF bun. Apparently Cheesecake Factory purchases a restaurant grade GF buns in bulk from Udi's. Wonder why Udi's has such huge variance between this and what I've gotten at stores or is served in so many other restaurants. Ordered the GF Godiva chocolate cheesecake to go and it is absolutely amazing!