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11700 Spine Rd Gate D28, Atlanta, GA 30320

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Celiac friendly?



I've eaten at other Chipotle's and had no problem. But this one in the ATL airport was different. I told the first employee at the counter that I have a gluten allergy and asked her to change her gloves. She gave me *major* attitude and that look that makes you feel horrible for asking. She then proceeded to change her gloves, but did it at a snail's pace (I'm talking almost 4 minutes just to change gloves), making me feel even more terrible for making the people behind me wait (normally I wouldn't feel as bad but we're at an airport and I'm sure many people were trying to get to their gate to board). Once she came back she made my salad with meats and beans, and then passed in on to the next employee. I then asked him to change his gloves, which he was happy to do, but it still made everyone else behind me even more backed up. The first employee should have just made my meal the whole way to avoid this problem. While I was waiting for the second employee to change his gloves, the first employee made the customer behind me's burrito (clearly touching the flour burrito). She then *reached over and touched my bowl - the INSIDE of it - to push it over to make room*. I told them I could no longer eat it because she touched the food with contaminated gloves. I felt horrible for wasting the time of the customers in line behind me. And because this whole encounter took much longer than it was supposed to, I had to go straight to my flight and wasn't able to get any other food (that's my fault though, should've arrived earlier at the airport). Anyways, I'll continue to go to the Chipotles I know I can trust, but I will never come to the ATL airport Chipotle again.

Updated 2 months ago