Review by NHGFree

45 Gosling Rd., Newington, NH 03801
2 months ago
Not celiac friendly

So here is the thing. When I was standing in line, I saw them scoop rice from the bowl and repeatedly touch the spoon against a wheat tortilla then put it back in the rice bowl. This continued for the meats and the beans. So when I was up to order, I asked that they take my food from new containers in the kitchen. They said that their allergy protocol was to change gloves, wipe the counter down and bring new containers of cheese and lettuce. I let them know that the rice, meat, and beans were all contaminated because the spoon kept touching wheat. They still said no. I talked to a manager who finally relented. I emailed Chipotle and they apologized and said that the restaurant should have honored my request. I think Chipotle is safe for Celiacs if food is taken from new containers. If not, it is not safe