Chopt Creative Salad Co.

Review by Hayley

301 N Harrison St #25, Princeton, NJ 08540
1 year ago
Not celiac friendly

This is a buffet salad place, all toppings are in one case and are not separated very well. Croutons are at the far end of the case and are easily dropped on meats/cheeses/basically everything else in the case when the workers build the salads.They clearly mark on a plaque that they cannot guarantee cross contamination of any allergens. However, after I asked about gluten-free food they brought out a manager, explained the precautions they can take and had the person making my food wash their hands, change their gloves and clean a new station to chop my food.A for effort, but they could easily eliminate some issues my spreading out foods in the case and/or adding additional dividers in the case.