Review by WJLB-GF

2 Preserve Parkway, Rockville, MD 20852
9 months ago

Their menu changes periodically. They used to have a filet mignon that I was able to get steamed vegetables with. The one thing that really concerned me was that I got conflicting answers on whether their sauces (béarnaise, bordelaise, or chimichurri) have gluten (and dairy) in them. For example, one server would go ask the kitchen and come back and swear that they were safe and a week later, a different server would do the same and tell me they were not safe. I avoided the sauces just because I felt like I couldn’t trust the staff, so I still don’t know whether or not they’re safe. I hate to write this restaurant off because they do have a relatively extensive menu with a variety of GF-labeled options. Just make it very clear to the waiter/waitress that GF is essential; not just a preference.