Review of CO

4201 Park Rd D, Charlotte, NC 28209

Overall Rating


There have been mixed reviews (not on this site) about CO, but I decided to give it a try. So glad I did. I had the summer rolls, Hanoi noodles and an amazing curry laksa and had no issues. Our waitress was very helpful but as usual I asked repeatedly about what was GF to triple confirm there were no mistakes. A couple notes...someone told me that the wings are not GF despite being on the GF menu. My hubby had them and they appeared fried so I didn’t risk it. Also, the summer rolls are usually served with peanut sauce which has gluten so be sure to always ask about sauces (mine didn’t come with it but guessing this could be a common mistake). I was torn to give it three or four stars, but my dish was so good that I opted for four.

Updated 2 years ago