Coco's Bakery Restaurant

Review by Viola

5350 Sepulveda Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90230
3 years ago
Not celiac friendly

When ordering I showed the server that I wanted GF banana & pecan pancake with caramel drizzled on it with eggs over easy and sausage by pointing it on the menu then I pointed my finger showing him that it has to be GF. He nodded. My husband ordered the same thing but his weren't GF and he had omelette and bacon. When our food arrived the server gave me my husband's plate but my husband told him that it was my plate so he gave it to me. When I got my plate and I had a funny feeling that my plate was not GF so I had to ask the server if my plate was GF he was confused. I told him that I had already told him I wanted GF meal and told him that he will need to get me a new plate with GF order and also that he need to make sure that my eggs and sausage are also new because of cross contamination. He nodded apologetically, took my plate and told the cook what happened. The cook tried to put my eggs and sausage on a new plate and I saw the server correcting him and gesturing the cross contamination to him. The cook was not happy. Few minutes later, my GF plate arrived and I had to ask the server if my eggs and sausages were new he said, "Yes. I told the cook that the pancakes had touched your eggs and sausage and you would still get sick so he made you GF pancake and cooked you new eggs and sausages." I don't think the eggs and sausages were new tho because I feel sick now. :-/ I feel like the cooker didn't take the server and I seriously.