Coco's Bakery Restaurant

Review by -Em

300 David Avenue, Monterey, CA 93940
10 months ago
Not celiac friendly

At first, I felt really great about coming here! There was a gluten free menu advertised and on the website, and the receptionist we talked to told us about how Coco’s managed her allergy (which is always a good sign). But then they couldn’t find the printed gluten free menu, which was not great. Then, after I ordered, I heard a lot of confusion back in the kitchen with our server strongly telling the cooks to make gluten free pancakes. I really didn’t feel comfortable eating any of the food after hearing that. My family tried some of my food after it came out and seemed pretty sure that it wasn’t gluten free (not that they can tell, but who knows?). I think the kitchen staff might have been new (because other orders were being messed up as well), but I just didn’t feel confident eating there. Although I’m sure this place is awesome for those without an allergy, I would personally avoid Coco’s.