Coltivare Pizza & Garden

Review by Stephanie

3320 White Oak Drive, Houston, TX 77007
4 years ago

So good! I have wanted to try this place forever and I finally got to go this weekend. Yum! Went with 2 other people and we just got a bunch of things to share. We got the roasted hazelnuts with thyme, charred broccoli and Brussels sprouts, the local strawberries sugar snap peas salad with yogurt and balsamic dressing, the chicken wings, cauliflower, and a chicken prosciutto pizza on a gluten free crust. The crust was amazing, but I would have chosen different toppings (it didn't have any cheese on it). There is a Garden by the patio with herbs, fruits, and veggies, so you can imagine how fresh the food is. The only downside is the wait. They don't take reservations and the wait is around an hour. However we went at 9:30 and we got seated right away