Review by Anthony

2945 Voyager Dr, Green Bay, WI 54311
5 months ago
Not celiac friendly

**NOT** Celiac***Trustworthy**at THIS location; Dispute having gluten free bread, and salads. We ordered a Cashew Chicken salad and specified that we have a “medical gluten allergy.” We were given a salad covered with croutons. Checking our receipt, we saw “! Food Allergy! Gluten” (afterwards, we also saw we had been given a “Grilled Chicken salad - not what we ordered).My wife took it to the front counter while we sat in the far part of the dining area. We could hear the Crew Leader speaking loud enough at my wife for us to hear her. My wife said she “felt like a fool” as the C.L. told her that it it was (my wife’s) responsibility to explain to the “kids” what gluten free means, and to specify what should be left off an order. The reason was that “the kids don’t know what gluten free means.”We were given a replacement salad. This is not indicative of our experiences at other Culver locations around the state.