Daily Grill

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347 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102
4 years ago

I was a bit concerned because of some negative reviews, but because of time, I had to grab something close to the hotel. I asked for and received a GF menu for breakfast. The atmosphere is very nice and quiet. I had the Cobb omelette. It was too large but very good. Service was friendly and excellent. They seem very knowledgeable and concerned about cross contamination. The down side is there are no carbohydrates except for the fruit. And unfortunately I am also allergic to one of the fruits offered in the fruit salad so I had to get the tomatoes. It gets three stars because, what they fix is very well done. But because a low carbohydrate meal is not that palatable to me, I would probably not go back. But in a pinch, breakfast is a safe option if you do not miss the bread and potatoes.