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DO NOT eat here!! Before we were even sat I asked for a GF menu and was told all the GF items are identified on the menu. When my food came my plate was covered in gravy, not the food just the plate. Since my food came back in less than 2 minutes, on a cold plate, I was sure it was the same food. I had decided not to risk it but since we were traveling and it would be a while before I could eat again, my husband asked them to completely remake the food he was told it was but they would do it again. This time it took 10 minutes and came on a warm plate. The waitress told me the GF muffin was cooked in the regular toaster would that be a problem? As she is setting the plate down in front of me; the English muffin was also placed on top of the hash browns. She apologized and told me “it’s just so rare that someone has a gluten issue”. I wanted ask why they went through the trouble of identifying GF items on the menu if it is rare but did not. She was also so happy to tell me I would not be charged for my meal. When we went to pay for the rest of the ticket, I asked for the manager. Though I received gluten 3 times I did not raise my voice nor did I cuss, I kept my cool and treated him with respect, he did not return it but he did tell me there was no reason to be upset about any of it and especially with him as he has nothing to do with it. He voided the entire ticket not caring that he is responsible for the restaurant he manages and food it serves. I would hope he would have take me seriously as I told him reactions can last months and be deadly for some, but he told me I no reason to be upset. I told him I wanted to pay for the other food that the purpose for speaking to him was to make him aware of cross contamination. He completely felt free food was the solution. I have never ate at Denny’s and never will again. If you put GF on the menu, be responsible to find out what that means!

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