Review of District Taco

1309 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Overall Rating


I had high expectations for this place after reading some reviews. I go to all the popular Mexican restaurants so I find it easy to give my opinion here.

Overall the food was decent, no brilliant flavors or spices mostly salt and pepper. The rice is completely unseasoned white rice, no cilantro or lime. The steak was very plain too, however it was tender. I would give their food 2 stars because it was so bland, but adding 1 star because it did taste fresh and they did accommodate gluten intolerant customers.

Their chips and queso are gluten free, and to make all the dishes better I put queso on them.

Be careful because some of their salsas have wheat, you should ask which ones.

I would rate them below all the major Mexican chains even California Tortilla and Moe's...

Updated 5 years ago