Review of Downtown Terrace

707 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Overall Rating


We went for brunch so they have a more limited menu. I asked the waitress for a recommendation for a gluten allergy. She was snarky and replied that was hard because of cross contamination. I said that cross contamination in a fryer is usually okay for me, so is there something she would recommend. She replied “well I don’t know what you can or cannot eat, so you tell me.” Um okay. I settled on Chilaquiles which she said are fried corn chips. She warned me that it was spicy but none of the spicy stuff could be put on the side or omitted. The meal itself was too spicy and it was also soggy. My husband (who does not have a gluten intolerance) disliked his meal (short rib hash) as well, he said it tasted microwaved. This was our second attempt here. Our first visit, two years ago, we didn’t even sit down because when we asked the hostess about gluten free options we were told there were none. We won’t be going back and I would not recommend it for anyone with any kind of gluten intolerance.

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Updated 1 year ago