Review of Egg Plantation

24415 Walnut St, Santa Clarita, CA 91321

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I'm VERY puzzled by the good reviews this place has received! The "gluten-free" menu is a copy of the regular menu marked up with X's and checks and random words crossed out. When I told my server that I wasn't sure what these marks meant she said she didn't either! So, I explained to her that I cannot eat gluten or I will be very sick. She was quite rude at this & said she didn't understand the gf diet! When I asked if there was someone else who could help me understand what I could safely eat. She repeatedly asked me loudly if I had an issue with this. It seemed like she was trying to humiliate me so others could hear how difficult I was or something! She finally left & went to get help. The owner came out & was clearly told that I was a problem because she was rude too. When I explained that I was hoping to understand what on their menu was gluten free. She responded by telling me that "is not a nutritionist!". I had enough & told my sister I didn't feel comfortable eating there & would like to leave. The owner started trying to explain her response saying that she was doing paperwork & not prepared to wait on customers & she could definitely tell me what was gluten free on the menu. I politely told her (although I was very upset at how I was being treated) that I did not feel confident that she could & I did not want to risk getting sick. I WILL NEVER GO BACK!! I can honestly say that since my celiac diagnosis 5 years ago I have NEVER been treated this way anywhere else EVER!

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Updated 7 years ago