Eggy's Diner

Review by Allie

333 E Benton Pl #103, Chicago, IL 60601
Not celiac
2 years ago
Not celiac friendly

I love their gf options & it's delicious. Been quite often. BUUUT we went today & it was not a good experience. I got the club sandwich which comes with soup. I got tortilla soup & was told they'd leave the tortillas out cause they couldn't assure it was safe for me to eat. It came out with tortillas. I've gotten this sandwich multiple times. It came out on bread that was different than usual & did not appear to be gf. It honestly looked identical to the normal toast the people next to me had. I asked the waitress to confirm if it was gf or not. She really quickly said it was. It wasn't. I got sick. We also ordered & were charged for screwdrivers and only got plain OJ. There was part of a broken toothpick inside of the sandwich that I almost choked on. It was as if someone put a toothpick in it, it broke, and they only removed part of it. I tried emailing a complaint on their website but it wasn't working so I Facebook messaged them and have yet to hear back. I encouraged them to do better training especially if they offer gf bread & pancakes. The pancakes did make me violently ill the first time I went so I stay away from those. Unfortunately it was a pretty immediate effect so that made me even more uncomfortable being out in public with friends waiting on me. Really disappointed in our waitress. It should be very obvious to her that my bread looked just like everyone else's & obviously wasn't gf. I really hope it was solely the waitress bc we love going to this place. I hate to give them only 3 stars but if you're celiac you really should know about this experience. (I'm not celiac)