Review of Fat Cats: Organic Coffee & Desserts

7020 Easy Wind Dr #140, Austin, TX 78752

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So, I am a non-celiac gluten sensitive person. I was diagnosed 4 years ago I was forced to give up my favorite ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough). How ever this afternoon I stepped into this cute adorable shop in hopes they would have one or two things. (I wasn't too hopeful since it is clearly a bakery. Not for people with celiacs, you will get sick. there is flour in the air. well duh, its a bakery.) Any-who. I stepped in and looked around when I asked about gluten-free items the manager April gleefully responded with. 'Yes! we have quite a few options, they are all oat flour based.' Oh just wait it gets better ' All of our dairy-free ice cream is gluten free as well. including anything with cookie or brownie pieces! its all rice based!' Now the greatest part? THEY HAD CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE! I have died and gone to heaven. I'm coming back tomorrow. or maybe this afternoon.

All in all the employees are very well informed, a few even mentioning allergies themselves. It's nice walking in somewhere where you're not looked at like an alien. I will always, always, always recommend!

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Updated 5 years ago