Fenton Cafe

Review by Connie

8311 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910
1 year ago

We needed to find a place serving breakfast after having an early appointment. This sounded good and didn’t take us too far out of the way before a 5 hour drive. The crepes were good although 2 of us were served cold ones, and the 3rd one was made wrong and we had to send it back. They ended up being VERY expensive for 3 orders. I noticed on the menu board it was $10 for the gluten free crepes. I did not realize that we would be charged for each item added. I ordered one of the crepes on the board, ham, egg, & cheese. This item regular was $7.55. My GF ended up being $13. The 2nd order was $15 with strawberries & blueberries. I was shocked at the total bill but we needed to get on the road, so I paid and we left. I would not recommend Fenton Cafe. They abused the upcharge for gluten free option. I understand a few dollar upcharge, but this was outrageous.