Review of Fig Tree Cafe Hillcrest

416 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

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Celiac friendly?



I have been getting more and more sensitive so I haven't eaten out in awhile. I used to really like Fig Tree and would eat here often without issue. came here for lunch and got an omelette. talked to the server and told him I had an "allergy". He was very helpful and said the potatoes were cross contaminated but that I could switch out the potatoes for fruit. When my meal came there were potatoes on my plate and it was a different server. I double checked that the potatoes were not GF. they took my plate back and removed the potatoes but brought the same plate back out. I could still see the crumbs left behind from where the potatoes had been. I tried to avoid that part of the plate and ate my omelette and fruit. Started feeling sick a few hours later. I suspect that they just aren't very careful with cc.

Updated 2 years ago