Review by GF Finders

1310 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036
Not celiac
5 years ago
Celiac friendly

Finally got the chance to trek downtown to try out Firefly with some out-of-town friends last Saturday for brunch about 11 am. Ambience is very friendly and charming but wait area is lacking in the winter. Hostess was attentive and efficient in seating us. On a 2nd visit, would ask for a larger table though as dishes for 4 were a problem on our small window-side table. I had seen online that the place received a couple "Best Gluten-Free Brunch" awards but am really stumped as to why. Normally, I would have scoured the menu online to prepare, but this time ventured out excitedly due to the good reviews I had seen (outside of Deep disappointment set in within 30 seconds of reading the "GF Menu" that was handed to me. It was actually like reading a 'redacted document' ... you are expecting to learn juicy information and find that all the good stuff has been blocked out, or in this case, grayed-out. You would think that "Best GF Brunch" awards would mean there were several GF alternatives to traditional brunch ... but the menu was missing such alternatives or GF versions of Firefly's acclaimed brunch items such as Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes, or any GF Brunch/Breakfast items. Even an Egg BLT on GF Toast or GF Muffin for the Eggs Benedict would have been a reasonable accommodation; but no such luck. I decided to try the Shrimp & Grits which were authentically Southern and not bland. The dish would benefit greatly from more Rosemary since it is in the description but I couldn't taste it in the dish. Another reviewer on Yelp suggested some meat alternatives as well like a Turkey Sausage option to Chorizo and other pork staples on the menu; wholeheartedly agree with that assessment as well. Firefly has the potential to be a great breakfast/brunch haunt, but some tweaks are definitely needed to garnish more 4-5 stars from an ever increasingly discerning Gluten-Free clientele. We know that the ingredients are just too easily accessible now and the chefs who go just that little bit of the extra mile are very appreciated. C'mon guys, even smaller hole-in-wall diners are producing amazing GF pancake, waffle, and bread options. Firefly should be a couple steps above a diner. At least they understand that real Maple syrup is the only way to go. All in all, Firefly can be Celiac Friendly if you're not expecting any bread options. According to other reviewers here, it's probably a good idea to reiterate caution in preparation if you have a severe allergy. I really hope their offerings will mature as the number of GF customers increases.